Internationalization and Inclusion: Refugees in Community College

Internationalization and Inclusion: Refugees in Community College Poster

The Internationalization and Inclusion Refugees in Community College conference will take place on November 5th from 9AM to 5PM at Onondaga Community College. This conference seeks to address refugee education at community colleges and explore the tapped and untapped potential for internationalizing and enriching the community college experience for all students. 

Participants will learn from community colleges that have successfully engaged past generations of refugee students and integrated their culture, history, and communities into the educational landscape of their campus. Participants will be encouraged to share what they are doing on their own campuses and exchange ideas with faculty, staff, and students from other community colleges as well as with social service providers, K-12 teachers, and others from and involved in various refugee communities. Presentations will provide background and contextualize the arrival of recent refugees from South and Southeast Asia in particular.

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