Mission Suhani Performance 

The South Asia Center is staging Mission Suhani, a modern Nautanki musical in English and Hindi on Tuesday, November 1st in Setnor Auditorium. Directed by Dr. Devendra Sharma (devnautanki.com), Associate Professor at California State University, Fresno. Dr. Sharma has crafted a brilliantly entertaining, thought-provoking, and moving musical that examines women's empowerment. Nautanki is one of the most popular performance genres of northern India and an inspiration for Bollywood films. Dr. Sharma adapts the traditional interactive, festive Nautanki style to contemporary spaces and social issues through music and humor.

Mission Suhani Performance Poster

Play Description:

Gender, marriage, and the immigrant experience! The contemporary Nautanki play, Mission Suhani, engages the struggles of young Indian brides who have been abandoned by Indian grooms working in the U.S. The play follows Suhani, a confident, young Indian bride who has been deserted by her husband Chaliya, who has run off to America with her dowry. Suhani fights familial and societal pressure to track him down, recover her dowry, and finally find empowerment and love. According to the Indian Express news coverage, there are thousands of women like Suhani fighting for their spousal rights against Indian husbands in the U.S.

Contact: Emera Bridger Wilson (elbridge@syr.edu) for more information.