Priti Ramamurthy Headshot

Priti Ramamurthy: Translocal Householding and Rural-Urban Entanglements in Contemporary India

On Tuesday, February 26th, the South Asia Center of Syracuse University is pleased to welcome Priti Ramamurthy, University of Washington, to speak on Translocal Householding and Rural-Urban Entanglements in Contemporary India. Ramamurthy will consider rural-urban entanglements in contemporary India and the phenomenon of translocal households which split social reproduction across the city and the country. A key dimension of rural-urban flows of people, material, and sensibilities is how care chains morph over the life cycle of the household, with shifts in its composition and in the sexual and intergenerational divisions of labor After considering the factors which inform patterns of translocal householding, she will make two notable observations on “accelerated motherhood” and “aspirational caregiving” of siblings and the next generation.

Priti Ramamurthy is a professor of Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies at the University of Washington, Seattle. Her scholarship on gender, agrarian transformations and feminist commodity chains has been published in Cultural Anthropology, Environment and Planning A, Feminist Studies, SIGNS, and World Development. She is a co-editor and co-author of The Modern Girl Around the World: Modernity, Consumption, Globalization (Duke University Press: 2008).  Based on oral histories, essays on the life-worlds of informal economy workers in India, co-authored with Vinay Gidwani, have been published in the Journal of Peasant Studies (2018) and in Doreen Massey: Critical Dialogues (Agenda: 2018).

This event will take place at 12:30pm in 341 Eggers Hall. All are welcome!