Summer Speaker Series: Dr. Rama Narayanan & Pushpesh Kumar

On Monday, June 5th, the South Asia Center is pleased to host Dr. Rama Narayanan & Pushpesh Kumar as part of the summer speaker series!  

Dr. Rama Narayanan

Photo of a malnourished baby.Dr. Rama Narayanan will discuss Developing a Conceptual Framework for Studying Women’s Empowerment and Nutritional Outcomes in Young Children. Dr. Rama Narayanan is a Fellow at the Observer Research Foundation. This talk will discuss approaches to studying nutritional outcomes in young children have considered the health and nutritional status of mothers and socio-economic conditions as the principal determinants. However, the relatively better nutritional status of children in much poorer economies and the prevalence of undernutrition among children in affluent households indicate other determinants arising out of women’s lack of empowerment. The presentation attempts a conceptual framework for studying women’s empowerment and nutritional outcomes in young children using the UNICEF framework as a starting point.

Pushpesh Kumar

Photo of LGBT AllyPushpesh Kumar will discuss Queering Indian Sociology. Pushpesh Kumar is an Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Hyderabad. This talk will draw attention to the emerging consolidation of sexually marginalised publics as a vocal constituency in contemporary India and the apathy and indifference of Indian and South Asian sociologists to engage with the issue. The presentation will simultaneously include a critique of the emerging LGBT movement through NGOisation under global governance. The recent alliance of the queer movement with left, dalit and dalit feminist groups in Hyderabad city, however, provides some optimism in rescripting the agenda of the movement from the life experiences of sexual subalterns like hijras, kothis and transmen where caste, class and issue of political economy remain integral to sexual liberation.

Dr. Rama Narayanan:
Monday, June 5th at 10AM in Eggers 341

Pushpesh Kumar: Monday, June 5th at 12:30PM in Eggers 341