Schooling in India: Transnational Indian American Youths Adrienne Atterberry

On Tuesday, February 4th, the South Asia Center is pleased to begin our Spring Speaker Series by welcoming doctoral candidate Adrienne Lee Atterberry. Atterberry will give a public lecture titled “Schooling in India: Transnational Indian American Youths.” This presentation will discuss Indian American high school and college students’ experiences in K-12 schools in India. It will focus on these schools’ dual roles as sites of difference-making and comfort as well as sites for the cultivation of beneficial cultural capital. Lastly, it will discuss the factors that affect where transnational Indian American youths’ earn their undergraduate degrees.

Adrienne Lee Atterberry is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Sociology at Syracuse University. Her research focuses on migration, education, and Asia/Asian America.

This talk will take place at 12:30pm in 341 Eggers Hall and is open to all.