Radha Kumar: Claiming Water: Building Dams and Subjects in British IndiaRadha Kumar

On Tuesday, February 18th, the South Asia Center of Syracuse University is pleased to introduce Radha Kumar, Assistant Professor of History at Syracuse University. The 1930s construction of the Mettur Dam across the River Kaveri in southern India was a technocratic achievement for the colonial government.  But it was also a financial venture expected to yield reliable returns in the form of increased water-rates. This talk will examine how the construction of the dam entailed the construction of the ideal water-consuming subject – the paddy farmer who sold to a global market, while marginalizing other users of the river.

Radha Kumar is an Assistant Professor of History at Syracuse University. Her first project examined the everyday aspects of policing and its intersections with caste politics in twentieth century South India.

This talk will take place at 12:30pm in 341 Eggers Hall. All are welcome.