South Asia Center Speaker Series: Rethinking Urban Sustainability in India

Pushkar Sohoni on Foundation Myths of Indian Cities: Types and Tropes and V. Govindan Kutty on Qanat Water Systems of India

Urban SustainabilityOn Thursday, March 7th, the South Asia Center invites you to a talk on Rethinking Urban Sustainability in India. Our speakers will discuss two unique aspects of urban sustainability: Foundation Myths of Indian Cities and Qanat Water Sytems in Indian. Below are full descriptions of both presentations and speakers. 

Pushkar Sohoni: Foundation Myths of Indian Cities: Types and Tropes: Cities in India have foundation myths that conform to certain types and tropes. With the advent of Islam in the sub-continent, new narratives emerged to explain the siting of new cities. A Sanskrit text even describes the naming and foundation story of the British city of Bombay, weaving together narratives from various traditions.

Pushkar Sohoni is an Assistant Professor at the Indian Institute of Science, Education, and Research, Pune.

V. Govindan Kutty: Qanat Water Systems of India: This presentation will examine the feasibility and challenges of implementing watershed-based sustainable practices through an in depth study of Naubad Qanat Conservation project in Bidar, Karnataka.

V. Govindan Kutty is an Assistant Professor in Geography at the Government College, Chittur.

The event will take place in 341 Eggers Hall at 12:30pm. We look forward to seeing you there!