Tim DyeTim Dye to Discuss "Food, Fear and Fortunes"

On Tuesday February 23rd, the South Asia Center will host Tim Dye, Professor at the University of Rochester, to discuss Food, Fear and Fortunes: Sociomedical Encounters with Hepatitis B among Tibetan Refugees in Ladakh. The lecture will take place in 341 Eggers Hall at 12:30 PM.

Despite the reported high prevalence of Hepatitis B in Tibetan populations, little is known about how Tibetans perceive of Hepatitis B, how they deal with it, and how stigmatizing it may be. This project represents a rapid qualitative inquiry to better understand Hepatitis B in the community and public health context of settlements governed by the Central Tibetan Administration in Ladakh, India. Qualitative interviews and focused discussions were conducted with 296 individuals, trying to elicit illness narratives and conceptual models of Hepatitis B.

Professor Timothy Dye is a medical anthropologist and social epidemiologist who specializes in applied public health, particularly within marginalized, isolated, and global populations, and with a content focus on social and cultural determinants of health. Dr. Dye's research program focuses upon developing and understanding community-driven solutions to public health problems, and has included funded projects around such topics as micronutrition among women and children in Tibet (CDC), informatics and public health decision making in Costa Rica (NIH), and injury and culture in Antarctica (NSF).

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