Walter HakalaWalter Hakala to Discuss 'You Campaign in Poetry. You Govern in Prose': A Tale of Two Dictionaries

On Tuesday February 16th Walter Hakala, Assistant Professor in the Department of English and Asian Studies Program at the University at Buffalo, will host a lecture titled ‘You Campaign in Poetry. You Govern in Prose’: A Tale of Two Dictionaries. This lecture will take place in 341 Eggers at 12:30 PM.

Chiranji Lal, the author of an important 19th-century Urdu dictionary, possessed impeccable credentials: he was from Delhi, had apprenticed with British scholars, and had identified a large readership eager to use dictionaries to learn this language of government. Today, however, Chiranji’s useful dictionary has been all but forgotten while the contemporaneous Farhang-i Asafiyah of Sayyid Ahmad Dihlavi is celebrated. In the midst of the increasingly communalized linguistic environment of late-nineteenth-century northern India, Hindu lexicographers like Chiranji could no longer fit neatly into the emerging Urdu literary culture.

 Walter Hakala holds a PhD in South Asian Regional Studies, with highest distinction, from the University of Pennsylvania 2010. He has published a book titled, “Negotiating Languages: Urdu, Hindi, and the Definition of Modern South Asia”. Walter Hakala has also been the recipient of multiple awards and fellowships. For more information on Walter Hakala please visit his faculty page at

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