Skye Prentice
‘18, Public Communications

Summer 2018 - Study Abroad Spotlight

I never could have imagined that a program like Pitt in the Himalayas exists, never-mind that I would be one of the students lucky enough to be a part of it. I’m a third year TRF major but I didn’t let that stop me from choosing an abroad program that had nothing to do with film — the classes that are offered here and that I take are all anthropology and environmental based. Being in such a beautifully vibrant, spiritual, and different culture has truly helped me grow as a person, and I’m sure will continue to do just that.

The whole program is centered around experiential learning, which is so amazing because we get to contextualize first hand what we’ve learned in class the week before. I’m absolutely loving it because not only do I get to travel around the Himalayas, from trekking to different pilgrimage sights to just staying in a rural village as a homestay, I also feel like I’m really learning a lot more by experiencing it.

I’m the only Syracuse student in the program this semester (out of 12 students total), but the Pitt kids are cool too :-). There’s something about traveling and experiencing new things with a small group that really brings you together, and I can’t imagine my life without these guys after the program ends. Being in such a beautiful place everyday, surrounded by beautiful people and beautiful food, makes me so beyond grateful for this opportunity and adventure!