Sovereignty, Order, and Conflict 

The relationship between sovereignty, order, and conflict and the challenges to this relationship are important topics in international life. Although sovereign states are the primary actors in world politics, they do not always possess sovereign reach or maintain political order across their territories. Zones of conflict, informal control, and uncertain rule exist both within states and across borders. Terrorist networks, rebel insurgencies, and crime syndicates are all examples of forms of order that begin where sovereign control ends. The purpose behind this multidisciplinary seminar series is to explore the latest research on these themes that cut across the social sciences. The working group will not only involve faculty and doctoral students from various departments at Syracuse University, but will also take a multi-method approach to these challenges. 

Seminar Series (2021-22)

October 11. Erica De Bruin (Associate Professor, Hamilton College)

Title: How to Prevent Coups d'Etat.

October 18. Eli Berman (Professor, UC San Diego)

Title: Mostly Deterred: An Episodic Analysis of the Israel-Gaza Conflict.

November 8. Frank Smith (Director, Cyber and Innovation Policy Institute, U.S. Naval War College)

Title: Technology Hype and International Security.

Seminar Series (2020-21)

September 14. Margaret Hermann (Professor, Syracuse University) and Heidi Stallman (PhD Student, Syracuse University)

Title: Toward Mapping Global Insecurity: Rethinking Sovereignty and the Global Economy

(Overview of new book resulting from Moynihan Institute’s multidisciplinary Mapping Global Insecurity Project)

September 25. Alexander Cooley (Professor, Barnard College) and Daniel Nexon (Professor, Georgetown University)

Title: Exit from Hegemony: The Unraveling of the American Global Order

October 8. Jacob Mundy (Associate Professor, Colgate University)

Title: Making Hegemony in the Middle East

October 19. Anna Stilz (Professor, Princeton University)

Title: Redistributing Territory?

November 6. Hendrik Spruyt (Professor, Northwestern University)

Title: The World Imagined: Collective Beliefs and Political Order in the Sinocentric, Islamic and Southeast Asian International Societies 

February 22. Sarah Parkinson (Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins University)

Title: It's Just How Things are Done: Humanitarian Principles, Gender, and Informal Socialization in Aid Work

March 26. Rebecca Bryant (Professor, Utrecht University)

Title: Sovereignty in Drag: On Fakes, Foreclosure, and Unbecoming States

April 1. Paul Musgrave (Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts, Amherst)

Title: The Elections of Others

Seminar Series (2019-20)

September 9. Megan Stewart (Assistant Professor, American University)

Title: Governing for Revolution

October 28. Gladys McCormick (Associate Professor, Syracuse University)

Title: Mexico’s Open Secret: From the Dirty War to the Drug War


November 18. Hein Goemans (Associate Professor, Rochester University)

Title: War From the Ground Up


January 27. Corri Zoli (Associate Professor, Syracuse University)

Title: The Return of Sovereignty in International Law


February 10. Mona Bhan (Associate Professor, Syracuse University)

Title: Infrastructures of Occupation: Dams, Development, and the Politics of Integration in Kashmir


February 24. David Skarbek (Associate Professor, Brown University)

Title: The Puzzle of Prison Order: Why Life Behind Bars Varies Around the World

Contact: Ryan Griffiths