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  • Welcome to the Transnational NGO Initiative

    The globalization of markets and ideas has created cross-national challenges and opportunities unimaginable a few decades ago. An increasingly integrated global economy, cross-border violence, transboundary environmental crises, and other challenges strain the capacity of the traditional inter-governmental system that has dominated international politics for over two centuries. Transnational non-governmental organizations (TNGOs) and their networks have emerged as key players in shaping emerging answers those global challenges.The Transnational NGO Initiative focuses on the governance, leadership, and effectiveness of transnationally operated NGOs and advances our understanding of TNGOs as significant players in global affairs through research, education, and practitioner engagement. 

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  • The Transnational NGO Initiative is a member of:

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    The Transnational NGO Initiative is a part of InterAction's Self-Certification Plus, a mechanism for a rigorous self-assessment and validation of compliance with InterAction’s Private Voluntary Organization standards.

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    • COVID-19: We continue to follow the advice of local public health officials in regards to in-person events. Please check this calendar for the latest safety protocols before coming to campus or other in-person venue.

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  • TNGO News

    Student Volunteer Research and Networking Opportunity with the 2019 Moynihan TNGO Fellow

    This announcement outlines a critical student volunteer opportunity this semester to interact and gain insight from a TNGO fellow. Please apply by Friday, February 8th in order to be considered for this oppurtunity. 


    Amnesty chief: Trump's presidential policies fueling human rights campaigns

    Kumi Naidoo, Amnesty International Secretary-General expressed that Trump's presidential policies are fueling the fire in various human rights campaigns. He bluntly said that most of the current political and business leadership, globally are suffering from denial of reality and this factor is causing many young people to mobilize human rights movements around the world. Naidoo mainly identified climate change and authoritarian governments as major threats to human rights and well-being. He implores young people to continue fighting for human rights and not fall prey towards bias, because it can easily create divisions around human beings. Once a division is created by a bias, it is very hard to remove the bias. We are human beings first and foremost and are born as human beings regardless of where we come from. 


    Internal democracy within transnationally operating non-governmental organisations: are we as democratic as we think?

    CIVICUS's well known annual report State of Civil Society is this year devoted to 'Re-imagining Democracy'. Tosca Bruno-van Vijfeijken, director of the Transnational NGO Initiative, was invited to write a guest essay for the report. She decided to devote it to organizational culture-based impediments to internal democracy, based on her observations.


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