Certificate of Advanced Studies in Civil Society Organizations                          

The Transnational NGO Initiative is committed to preparing Masters and PhD students in the Maxwell School for careers in NGO management, service delivery, and advocacy, as well as academic careers focusing on better understanding the impacts, challenges, and functions of NGOs in global governance. Toward this end, the Moynihan Institute is the home of the Certificate of Advanced Studies in Civil Society Organizations. This certificate is based on 15 hours of coursework that includes a foundational course, discipline-specific coursework, an internship / fieldwork requirement, and a pro-seminar. The certificate facilitates graduate students becoming familiar with the various faculty members at Maxwell who are working on issues related to global civil society in disciplines ranging from public administration and political science to sociology, geography, social work, and law. It is one of the few programs in the country that seeks to integrate diverse theoretical and applied perspectives on NGOs and civil society actors and support multidisciplinary graduate training around this field. 

Full description of the certificate

List of electives for the academic year

Full description of the foundational course and the unique opportunities it offers


To obtain the Certificate you will need to complete the following steps:

1. Consult with your faculty advisor, who will determine whether you can pursue the Certificate consistent with requirements of your degree program.

2. Apply to the Director of the Certificate Program, Professor Margaret Hermann, 346 Eggers Hall (mgherman@maxwell.syr.edu), by filling out: 
       a. Graduate School Internal Admission Application Form which will be submitted by the Moynihan Institute to the Graduate School for processing.
       b. Program of Study Form which will then be held by the Moynihan Institute until all the requirements for the Certificate are complete.

3. After you have obtained your approval from the Director of the Certificate Program, Professor Margaret Hermann, please then provide all completed forms to Havva Karakas Keles (hkarakas@syr.edu) in the Moynihan Institute, 346-E Eggers Hall, for processing.

To follow your progress towards completing your certificate, please check the tool Degree Works which will be available on your student Myslice.

In preparation for graduation and in order to receive the printed Certificate, please follow the "File Diploma Request" link under the Student Services section of MySlice

Please be sure to print your request before you press the ‘send’ button, since you cannot access your form after you have sent it. Please choose the term in which you will complete your diploma, provide the address to which the diploma should be mailed, and confirm or adjust the name to be printed on the diploma. Should circumstances change, you may use this link to adjust the term of completion, while changes to the diploma mailing address can be made through “View/Update Addresses” on MySlice.

For more information on requirements to obtain the certificate please contact Professor Margaret Hermann, Director of the Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs, at  mgherman@maxwell.syr.edu