The centerpiece of the Transnational NGO Initiative is the TNGO Interview Project, an extensive interview study of transnational NGO leaders whose organizations were rated by the NGO watchdog Charity Navigator. Interviewers with the TNGO Initiative traveled across the United States and sat down face-to-face with organizational leaders--mostly presidents and CEOs--to ask them about governance, organizational effectiveness, accountability, communications, collaborations, leadership and many other issues. Their open-ended responses were recorded, transcribed and coded using computer-assisted qualitative data analysis software (ATLAS.ti). 

The Transnational NGO Initiative would like to foster a community of researchers interested in the study of transnational NGOs and their leaders. To facilitate this, our core dataset is available for researchers by request. To access the dataset, please first read the white paper, which provides an overview of the TNGO Interview Project. Then, complete this request form and return it by email. We will generally approve requests provided that they satisfy our concerns for safeguarding the data and ensuring it is used appropriately and responsibly. To these ends, researchers requesting access to the dataset must agree to abide by some minimal terms and conditions put forward in the request form.

If your request is approved, you will become a member of our research community and will be sent a .zip file containing the dataset (in Stata, SPSS and Excel formats), various Stata scripts that can be run to facilitate analysis and supporting documentation. The interview protocol is available online.

Due to the complexity of the mixed-method research design, researchers should carefully read the unabridged white paper before using the dataset they have acquired. The technical white paper contains detailed information that will help researchers use the data appropriately and effectively.

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