The education component of the Transnational NGO Initiative aims to create a virtuous feedback loop between students and practitioners. Students interested in transnational NGOs and civil society organizations may participate in our popular program leading to the Certificate of Advanced Studies in Civil Society Organizations. In cooperation with the Maxwell Center for Career Development and the International Relations Program, we also help students find internships in TNGOs. The TNGO Initiative has relationships with many prominent TNGOs specifically interested in receiving interns from the Maxwell School on an ongoing basis. In addition, the Center for Career Development has a database of over 200 TNGOs with a presence in the United States which can serve as a useful starting point for an internship search. Interested students should contact the Maxwell Center for Career Development in 202 Maxwell Hall (315.443.5453) for more information. International Relations students should contact the Global Program Coordinator Joshua Kennedy (315.443.5339).


The TNGO Student Group is an ongoing student initiative supported by the Transnational NGO Initiative at the Moynihan Institute. Student group meetings seek to deepen the understanding of all participants through regular debates and discussions on key issues confronting civil society. Students also engage with the research generated by the TNGO interview study and other research activities across Maxwell. Finally, the student group provides a forum for interaction between students, faculty and practitioners through informal lunches, panel discussions and other activities. The group is coordinated by a graduate assistant and organized in a decentralized manner. The group meets on a regular basis and provides opportunities for discourse and learning through a series of topical discussions among students and faculty, including peer review of student research projects, interactions with visiting practitioners and a documentary film series. For more information or to join the group, contact the current Graduate Assistant Anjali Joseph.


Faculty and staff in the Transnational NGO Initiative serve as faculty advisors to Master of Public Adminstration Capstone Projects for public administration students. Capstone projects involve teams of students who undertake four weeks of research for particular client organizations in a consulting capacity. The TNGO Initiative identifies one to two TNGOs each year with research assignments suitable for Maxwell students and supervises and evaluates the student teams. In collaboration with ActionAid International (AAI), the TNGO Initiative is also piloting a new way of facilitating student research that has academic benefits to students while providing valuable services to AAI. Select Maxwell courses offer students the opportunity to undertake research assignments generated by AAI and approved by Maxwell faculty. Students are evaluated on the outcomes of their research by both their instructor and the client.