Leading and Managing Organizational Change in INGOs

The Transnational NGO Initiative undertakes significant work in the area of Leading and Managing Organizational Change. On the request of some big INGOs, we have helped these organizations to document their change processes including their lessons learned in terms of leadership and management. For example, Save the Children International (SCI) asked us in 2010 to write a case study of their organizational transformation for their internal purposes. SCI allowed us to also develop a publicly available teaching case. In 2013-2014, Oxfam asked us to play an ‘external accompaniment’ role in Oxfam’s own internal learning on its ‘Single Management System’ change process. In 2014, we began documenting the change process that CARE is undertaking (‘CARE 2020’), and upon their request, we helped facilitate an exchange of lessons learned between Oxfam and CARE on organizational change. In 2016, after interviewing multiple stakeholders and reviewing several internal documents, we shared our reflections and recommendations on the leadership and management behind CARE's organizational change process thus far. We received a similar request from Amnesty International in 2014 to provide a mid-term assessment of the organization's process of "moving closer to the ground" also referred to as the Global Transition Programme (GTP). We were approached again in 2016 to lead the final, external evaluation of the GTP, which was completed in May 2017.