Practitioner Briefs 

The Practitioner Brief Series summarizes academic research on transnational NGOs and highlights the main practical lessons and insights.


Brief No. 4:
So, What Does It All Add Up To? Measuring International NGO Results At The Agency Level, by Carlisle Levine, Tosca Bruno van Vijfeijken and Sherine Jayawickrama.

Brief No. 3:
Accountability of Transnational NGOs, by Hans Peter Schmitz, Paloma Raggo, Tosca Bruno-van Vijfeijken, and Chan Woong Shin.

Brief No. 2:
Defining Organizational Effectiveness: Mobilizing Scholarship for Practice, by Jesse D. Lecy, Hans Peter Schmitz, and Haley Swedlund.

Brief No. 1:
Defining Organizational Effectiveness, by George E. Mitchell and Cesar Sevilla.