TNGO fellowship Program

Ahuma Adodoadji

Research Dates: March 31, 2009 - April 10, 2009

Ahuma Adodoadji Picture2009 Position: Former President and CEO, Plan USA

2009 Organization: Plan USA is an organization that supports innovative and sustainable projects in local communities to end child poverty


Current Position: Founder/CEO, AFRILINK Entrepreneurs International

Current Organization: AFRILINK Entrepreneurs International works to reduce poverty in Africa by promoting the building of entrepreneurial skills in Africa’s college-educated youth, enabling them to create employment and take control of their lives as active, productive citizens.


Research Topic: “Future Leadership Models for Greater Organizational Impact”. The primary research question was how can Plan USA be the most agile and effective organization possible, increasing its ability to produce more with less through better management of people and technology, and developing the competence to learn and change in real time?

Brief Bio: Mr. Adodoadji was CEO of Plan USA from 2007-2009. His expertise is the planning and management of large scale humanitarian efforts, often at the heels of a crisis.

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