Barney Tallack

Research Dates: February 27, 2017 - March 9, 2017

Barney Tallack

Current Positions: Member and contributor to various sector wide bodies, including the INGO Accountability Charter, the International Centre for Civil Society Horizon Scanning group, and he is founder of the INGO Change Learning Group. Since November 2016 Mr. Tallack is an independent consultant to the INGO sector on Strategy and Transformation or change Programmes. 

Past Position: Mr. Tallack worked for 25 Years in the international development, humanitarian and advocacy sectors, most recently as Director of Strategy for Oxfam International. He oversaw, among others, the strategy behind a major organizational change process in Oxfam, Oxfam 2020. 

Organization: Oxfam is an international confederation of 20 NGOs working with partners in over 90 countries to end the injustices that cause poverty.


Research Topic“What “legacy” should predominantly “Northern” INGOs leave so that the global civil society movement of the 2030s onwards can have the most impact?" Many well-known transnational NGOs are undergoing major transformations. These shifts are in response to geo-politics, new theories on how impact can be achieved, and changes in the role of governments, the for profit sector, and civil society organizations. These changes are especially profound in low and middle income countries and greatly affect the funding landscape – the “why” of the changes. These transformations -- often taking up to a decade – are challenging, and differ in many important aspects when compared to organizations in other sectors – the “how” of the changes.

Brief Bio: Barney Tallack worked for 25 Years on international development, humanitarian, and advocacy issues. Most recently, Mr. Tallack served as Director of Strategy for Oxfam International. There, he oversaw the strategy behind a major organizational change process in Oxfam, Oxfam 2020. Mr. Tallack has also been a Board member of various not for profit and social enterprise organizations, ranging from International Health Exchange, to the Fairtrade Foundation and the Forest Peoples’ Programme. 

Research Brief: Should INGO's Think About Their Legacy


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