TNGO fellowship Program

Ezra Mbogori

Research Dates: September 12, 2008 - September 23, 2008

Ezra Mbogori Picture2008 Position: founding Executive Director, MWENGO

2008 Organization: MWENGO, established in 1991, is a reflection and development center for NGOs working in the eastern and southern Africa region. Its primary role is to assist in building NGO capacity.

Current Position: Executive Director, Akiba Uhaki

Organization: Akiba Uhaki, the Human Rights and Social Justice Fund, is an emerging grant-making organization dedicated to supporting and accompanying Human Rights and Social Justice related organizations in East Africa i.e. Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.


Research Topic: MWENGO – an exploration in Civil Society Strengthening”. Ezra’s research sought to strengthen MWENGO’s governance as well as strategic vision.  How can MWENGO foster growth within the NGO sector in Sub-Saharan Africa while clarifying its specific role and contribution?

Brief Bio: While a Program Fellow with the TNGO Initiative, Mr. Mbogori was Executive Director, of MWENGO. Prior to this position, Mr. Mbogori headed an urban poverty focused organization – The Undugu Society, in Nairobi -- for six years.

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Research BriefMWENGO – an exploration in Civil Society Strengthening