Research Dates: February 1st-13th, 2015

Current Position: Regional Governance Advisor for World Vision International (Africa Regions)guta

Organization: World Vision is a global Christian relief, development and advocacy organization dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice.


Research Topic: “The CEO of the Future. The world of organizations is changing rapidly and one of the key components in most TNGOs that are changing very fast is their governance systems, structures and regulations in countries where they operate. The move from centralized governance to decentralized governance; the changing role of the Board beyond fiduciary and legitimacy of the organization to actual accountability for organization’s performance and the impact of Corporate Governance failures has raised questions and turned the spotlight on NGO governance.

Brief Bio: Josephine Oguta is an expert in governance, having spent the last 12 years setting up institutional governance systems and structures; board development, board formation and evaluation and organization restructuring processes of various international and national organizations, which frequently have been federated structures. She has worked for many organizations such as action aid international among others and co-founded Boards’ Consult. She also serves on several boards, one of which is Heifer International. She holds a Law degree and graduate certificates in leadership from Harvard as well as the Maxwell School.

Full Biography: Josephine Oguta


Research Brief: Board Member/Chair of the Future