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AEA Think Tank 2015 - Developmental Evaluation approach to Evaluating INGO Organizational Change

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Join the American Evaluation Association for a session that explores how development evaluation can support organizational change within International NGOs.

TNGO Director Tosca Bruno-van Vijfeijken to facilitate.

AEA Think Tank 2015 

Developmental Evaluation approach to 

Evaluating INGO Organizational Change

Skyway 265 --  Sat, Nov 14, 2015 (09:45 AM - 10:30 AM)

Session description

Several large INGOs are currently undergoing significant organizational change processes. These are emergent and complex in nature, take place in a highly dynamic environment, and involve many interdependent factors as well as feedback loops. 

Developmental Evaluation (DE) documents and interprets dynamic developments, interactions and interdependencies that happen as the intervention occurs. Thus, DE approaches naturally come to mind as a way to assess and support organizational change processes.  But what is their utility? This session is an open space to explore this question. 

The Question: 

Can DE help organizations respond to the evaluation questions and need for learning that INGO leaders and staff express? Can it help evaluate both change planning and management approaches as a process, as well as their emergent outcomes? How to apply systems and complexity thinking without it becoming overly ‘theoretical’ to busy practitioners? 

The Invitation: 

What are session participants’ experiences in encouraging organizational learning about change processes? What has worked and what has not? What are the contexts in which DE can be useful, and what are its limitations? How to develop collaborative, evaluative ways of sense- and meaning- making and pattern spotting in INGOs, while being realistic about the amount of time and effort that can be invested in this? 

These questions will be the focus of this exploratory, ‘open space’ Think Tank, which is facilitated by people who do not claim to be DE specialists at all – we merely are interested in offering this space and are curious about the answers participants will come up with.

Learn more here.

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