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American Political Science Association (APSA) Task Force on Rights-Based Development and Participatory Governance

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APSA task forces work to enhance the public presence of political science by bringing political science research to bear public policy questions ( link). The newly created task force puts primary emphasis on the politics of economic development and governance, asking under what conditions specific rights-based and participatory policies enhance agency, democracy, equality and capacity. During the past decade, many new approaches to development emerged and political science can play an important role in evaluating the effectiveness of rights-based policies, cash transfers, expanded participatory governance, among others. I presented evidence from the TNGO Initiative's ongoing research evaluating the implementation of rights-based approaches in local and indigenous communities in Guatemala. At the 2011 APSA meetings in San Francisco, dedicated theme panels will serve to present the results of the task force. The task force convenor is Michael Goodhart (University of Pittsburgh). The members of the task force are: Archon Fung (Kennedy School, Harvard University), Varun Gauri (World Bank), Siri Gloppen (CSI, Bergen/Norway), Louise Haagh (University of York), Patrick Heller (Brown University), Stephen Ndegwa (World Bank/Yale University), Enrique Peruzzotti (UNRISD), Thomas Pogge (Yale University) Shahra Razavi (UNRISD), Anja Rudiger (National Economic and Social Rights Initiative, NESRI), Guy Standing (University of Bath), Peter Uvin (Tufts, Fletcher School), Brian Wampler (Boise State University), and Susanna Wing (Haverford College).
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