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Charity Navigator launches its amended rating criteria, now including accountability and transparency indicators

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 Charity Navigator (CN), the predominant and influential web-based rating intermediary for nonprofits in the US, just launched its revised rating platform ('CN 2.0'). This now includes indicators related to Accountability and Transparency, in addition to the financial health indicators which had been in existence from the beginning of CN, and which were highly contentious. To get a sense of the significant changes  in rating, which some NGOs have gone through as a result of the above change, please see the most recent blog post of Ken Berger, President of CN: 


Many NGOs as well as analysts and academics have advocated for these changes, since the financial health indicators did not offer meaningful information about NGO effectiveness. In the next 1-2 years, CN is expected to launch its next iteration, 'CN 3.0', which will include indicators related to the quality of results assessment, and the extent to which NGOs publicly report on their results. Tosca Bruno-van Vijfeijken, co-Director of the Transnational NGO Initiative, who joined CN's advisory panel very recently, will  contribute to this next round of changes.

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