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Event (Nov. 7): Collaboration and Management: Expatriates and Host Country Nationals in Transnational NGOs

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On Thursday, November 7th at 12:30 PM, there will be a panel discussion entitled, "Collaboration and Management: Expatriates and Host Country Nationals in Transnational NGOs."

Location: 341 Eggers Hall. Lunch will be provided. Please click here in order to access the event's poster.

Information about the panel:


So you’ve landed your dream job at an international non-profit: How do you work most productively with your colleagues? Ensuring a healthy work environment amongst work colleagues is important in development programs. However, often power dynamics and lack of cultural understanding may prevent constructive collaboration between national and expatriate staff.

The panel of NGO practitioners (who may also happen to be your classmates!) will address practitioner experience in maneuvering within the power structures of transnational NGOs and will give sound advice in resolving recurrent issues within management of transnational NGOs.


Annie Sheria Msosais is a Fulbright scholar. She has over 12 years professional experience in the field of humanitarian development with GOAL, Plan International, Habitat for Humanity International, and Action Aid International.

Idris Jonmamadovis is a Fulbright scholar from Tajikistan. Prior to Maxwell School, he worked mainly in the development sector in his home country. Idrisworked in the microfinance sector, a USAID funded educational project, InternewsNetwork and the World Bank in Tajikistan.

Sadie Conrad has 4 years of experience working abroad.While servingas a Peace Corps Volunteer in Botswana from 2009-2011, shemanagedclinicalHIV/AIDS programs and also worked with a localnon-profit women’s shelter.

Carlo Abuyuana is a former Peace Corps volunteer in Kenya, and has six years of experience working with non-profits. Most recently, he worked for two years at a microenterprise and health prevention non-profit in Kenya.

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