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Managing Stakeholder Relationships in TNGOs: 3/19 ,1230pm, Eggers 209

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TNGO Initiative & Maxwell Career Center present “Managing Stakeholder Relationships in Transnational Nonprofits”  


Balancing the expectations and needs of donors, board members, and personnel can be especially complicated in Transnational NGOs because factors like multiple nationalities, cultures, and languages can further complicate differing perspectives on how to best fulfill the NGO’s mission.  This panel of NGO practitioners (who also happen to be Maxwell Students!) will address practitioner experiences in managing TNGO donor, board, and personnel relations, and how the unique attributes of TNGOs can make that task both more rewarding and more challenging.


-Faith Korto Nimineh has over 9 years of professional experience in the field of humanitarian development with the United Nations Children’s Fund, Save the Children, and CE Turkett Consultants, LLC.

-Buddy Stora has more than 4 years of international experience working with Samaritan's Purse International Relief in both Liberia and the Sudan.

-Jessie Rubin a former Fulbright scholar in Nicaragua, has over 3 years of experience working with both environmental and youth oriented NGOs in Central America.

-Jane Erickson a former Fulbright scholar in Indonesia, most recently managed the Grants and Contracts Department at the Clinton Health Access Initiative, a public health non-profit with offices in over 30 countries.


Refreshments Will Be Served 

Tuesday, March 19th , 2013 12:30 PM
209 Eggers Hall  


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