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New Approaches to Evaluation: Comparative Impact Assessment

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In New Approaches to Evaluation: Comparative Impact Assessment, author Jesse D. Lecy offers an innovative and robust approach for comparative evaluation assessment. Cutting across issues of governance, information systems, data collection, transparency and organizational learning, Lecy articulates a comparative framework and demonstrates how adoption hurdles can be addressed. The model is sensitive to methodological, demonstration and implementation challenges. A small “read-time” investment with big returns for solution-driven scholars and practitioners of impact measurement, development, evaluation, and microfinance. Read the abstract and follow the link. 



"The aid process is challenging from an allocation standpoint because donors must choose between many organizations with imperfect information about all of them. This paper explores a possible method for correcting the information asymmetry inherent in allocations through comparative impact assessments. The approach combines methods from impact studies and process evaluations to create a framework for comparing the performance of all organizations simultaneously. Micro­finance is chosen as the sector for review, and past impact studies and survey data are used to flesh out the framework for a comparative approach". 


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