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New Issue of The Journal of Civil Society and Social Transformation

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Volume 1 of the Journal of Civil Society and Social Transformation is now available online.


The articles in the first volume of the Journal of Civil Society and Social Transformation (JCSST) apply social science theories and concepts to significant humanitarian, aid, conflict resolution, human rights, environmental and develop­ment issues. The arguments demonstrate the diversity and relevance of graduate students’ research at the Maxwell School and in partner schools across Syracuse University. For practitioners and donors, or for civil society, development and NGO scholars, this research offers theories and cases that cut across disciplines and civil society governance dilemmas: from alternative development, to international political economy, to electoral assistance and democratic governance, to rights-based approaches for development, to project finance, and, to comparative impact as­sessment for program evaluation. The contributors are Parvathy Binoy, Jesse D. Lecy, Josh Kaufmann, George E. Mitchell, Emily Phan-Gruber, and Olga Zatepilina. Follow the link to find out more about the authors and their current work and research.


The Journal’s Editorial Board and its peer reviewers come from a number social science disciplines and domains of civil society governance ensuring both analytic rigor and accuracy in reference to transnational civil society governance context and situations.


We hope you find the articles stimulating and informative.


Christiane Pagé

Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Civil Society and Social Transformation


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