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New publication: The Planned Close of an NGO: Evidence for a New Organizational Form?

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Tosca Bruno-van Vijfeijken has published (with David Berlan, ABD in Public Administration) the article 'The Planned Close of an NGO: Evidence for a New Organizational Form?'


The article examines a human rights NGO (Realizing Rights) that ceased operations after only 8 years. A voluntary and planned end, this case raises the possibility of a new form, the time-bound organization. Through a series of interviews with staff, board members, the founder, and key external stakeholders, this study examines the nonprofit’s leadership, time-bound structure, strategic approach, and wind-down process. Drawing on the lessons of this case, the article identifies benefits and challenges of the time-bound organization form. A range of voluntary organizations could learn from this example and consider the form, including nonprofits experiencing a leadership transition, facing environmental threats, or considering a structural change such as a merger.

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