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The Private Sector and SDG's Implications for Civil Society

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The Private Sector and SDG's Implications for Civil Society

The following is an exert from the Civicus State of Civil Society Report 2017. For the full report, click the link above.

civil society report 2017

"Civil society had a strong showing during the negotiations of the SDGs and the related Financing for Development (FfD) agenda.
Yet many of civil society’s collective efforts, such as the Beyond 2015 Campaign, ended with the adoption of the SDGs, leaving
the challenge of shaping the private sector’s sustainable development role and contributions unaddressed. While the question
of engaging the private sector is one of the most contentious questions among civil society, it’s an unavoidable one if we want
to make the SDGs count.

Importantly, this is a two-way street. Business should have an interest in having a strong civil society at the table if it wants to
operate in thriving societies. Business success without civil society as a counterweight of organised citizen participation will
likely exacerbate the cleavages and inequities that mark many countries today. Instead, the private sector should help defend
the space for civil society to act as an expression of collective citizenry. There are incipient signs of companies speaking out
against governments that target civil society activists, and in support of business regulation, but the scope and frequency of
these actions remains scarce.4 However, it is this kind of action that can be one of the most powerful contributions of business
to the SDGs."

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