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Top-down Cultivation of CSOs in a Strong-government Context? A Community-level Case from China

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yuxin lanA “Practical Paradox”: can civil society be cultivated by governments in a top-down way, especially in a country with a strong-government context like China?  Based on a local case of the “LeheFamily Land Program” in western China which is focused on cultivating self-help organizations in rural communities, this talk will analyze the dilemma confronted by local governments.

Yuxin Lan is an assistant professor at the School of Public Policy & Management at Tsinghua University, China, where he works in the NGO Research Center, one of the earliest and most prestigious institutes on third sector research in China. He is also an editorial member of the journal China Non-profit Review. His research on the Chinese third sector covers the theory and practice of civil society organization cultivation, state society collaboration, philanthropy and social innovations.

When: Thursday, September 21st, 12:30-2pm
Where: Eggers 341

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