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Volunteer Research and Networking Opportunity with the 2016 Moynihan TNGO Fellow: BRIAN CUTE, CEO, Public Interest Registry

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Announcement of Exciting Student Volunteer Research and Networking Opportunity with the 2016 Moynihan TNGO Fellow:
BRIAN CUTE, CEO, Public Interest Registry

The Transnational NGO Initiative hosts 1-2 senior transnational NGO leaders each year through our Moynihan NGO Fellows program: these leaders spend 2 weeks of ‘intellectual rest and recreation’ at the Moynihan Institute, researching a topic which poses a challenge to them as NGO leaders and which is aligned with our research interest in the governance, leadership and effectiveness of transnational NGOs. 
This Spring semester (Feb 15-26, 2016), Brian Cute, CEO of Public Interest Registry (PIR) is visiting us. He will be conducting research on the topic:

What is tomorrow’s NGO donation currency?
Online monetary donations show interesting growth and areat a relatively early stage of development.  Also of interest is the observation that donors volunteering time through online platforms do so at a higher volume than in the past. Signing up for petitions on, volunteering their time for projects and contributing influence by leveraging their sphere of influence on social media are all new currencies. What do these behaviors and trends foretell and how will NGOs make the most of this to create support and sustainability for their missions? These will be some of the questions Brian will seek to answer during his Fellowship at Moynihan.
Public Interest Registry is a not-for-profit , which is the operator of the .org Top Level Domain (TLD) on the Internet since 2002.  Public Interest Registry acts as the wholesale provider of .org domains to a broad distribution channel that sells domains directly to the public.  Public Interest Registry’s mission is “to empower, through the Internet, those who dedicate themselves to improving our world.”
In 2015, Public Interest Registry launched OnGood, an exclusive suite of online services revolutionizing the way NGOs and nonprofits worldwide raise awareness, funds and support for their missions.

  • NGOs of all sizes and reach now have access to an exclusive online identity and membership to a community website with a searchable directory to improve visibility, raise funds, and connect with other NGOs.
  • OnGood’s validation process reassures Internet users worldwide that websites with .ngo and .ong identities represent genuine NGOs.
  • Membership includes a customizable online profile within the OnGood community where NGOs showcase campaigns, share activities and information, and collect donations

With the introduction of OnGood, Public Interest Registry is offering a service that allows NGOs to be visible and connect with donors online.  OnGood gives donors the ability to find genuine NGOs, learn about the NGOs and their missions and choose to make a donation directly to OnGood NGOs
We are seeking students who are interested in volunteering to do preparatory literature research on behalf of Mr. Brian Cute from mid-January through mid February, as well as conduct follow-up work as necessary during his stay at Moynihan February 15-26. You will have an exciting opportunity to interact with this important leader throughout his stay which can help with networking and career development. We are hoping to count on approx.  5 hours a week of your time to devote to this assignment, for at least 4 weeks from mid January through mid February. 

If you are interested and available, please send your indication of interest, CV and time frame for availability during this period to Shreeya Neupane, Program Associate, Transnational NGO Initiative, Moynihan Institute (; phone 443-5073) by Fri Dec 11. Please copy Fariha Sarawat (, Graduate Assistant and TNGO volunteer team lead for this assignment on your application. For questions, please feel free to contact Fariha who will coordinate the Fellowship. Fariha can also send you the detailed research brief for a more elaborate description of the research questions. 

Thank you for your consideration!

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