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What effective short-term international volunteering looks like

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What effective short-term international volunteering looks like

The TNGO Initiative recently shared a post from the Jayne Cravens Blog about the harm of short-term voluntourism. Today, we offer reasonable alternatives to make real impact with your dollars and time. The Jayne Cravens Blog recently posted an article titled "What effective short-term international volunteering looks like," chronicling options for want to be change-makers. The full article can be found here. However, below we offer short exempts which may be useful.

"...not all pay-to-serve programs are purely voluntourism: there are some terrific programs that require volunteers to pay their own way, such as Bpeace traveling business mentors and Humanist Service Corps (more on pay-to-serve programs I think are worthwhile here). There are also examples like this: students from the College of Engineering at Oregon State University going to Kenya to help a small village create a series of water projects to give them sustainable, ongoing access to clean water; the local Kenyan people benefited from the project because they defined what they wanted, and they worked alongside the students so that they could take on more and more responsibilities themselves."

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