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Maxwell School
Maxwell / Moynihan / Transnational NGO Initiative

Video Showcase

The Transnational NGO (TNGO) Initiative's Interview Series features brief conversations with leading TNGO practitioners and scholars about the issues they face in their work.

As a subset of this series, the Transnational NGO Leadership Institute interviews practitioner contributors to as well as participants in past Institutes. This subset of brief, conversational interviews focuses on leadership challenges, leadership preparation, transition and succession issues.  

These public interviews are based loosely on the protocol from the TNGO Interview Study.

Click here for the TNGO Interview Series

Click here for the TNGO Career Interview Series

Click here for the TNGO Leadership Institute Series

In addition, you can check out live recordings of talks given by TNGO interviewees at the TNGO Guest Lecture Series.