Transboundary Crisis Management

Crisis Sign

The Moynihan Institute's Transboundary Crisis Management Research Project seeks to better understand the dynamics that impact leadership decision making in times of crisis and to decipher patterns of leadership and organizational design that influence forecasting, preparing for, managing, and learning from crises.


To date over 200 crisis management cases for the project have been completed. These include cases on health pandemics, natural calamities, financial crises, military clashes, terrorist incidences and industrial accidents. Each case is coded and entered into a database for comparative analysis.  Completed Case Studies.

Students On Steps

We offer crisis management trainings ranging from two-day workshops to 14-week credit-bearing classes. Trainings focus on the challenges of leadership in times of crisis including problem definition, preparedness, inter-organizational cooperation, interaction with the media, termination, and learning. For more information contact Margaret G. Herman