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TNGO Updates

Recent happenings from the TNGO Initiative

From cluster meetings to sunsetting: how to speak development (jargon)

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Pity the poor development professional. Not only are we underpaid and under-appreciated compared to our friends in the private sector, now we’ve started to lose our language, as aid-speak has become overrun with corporate buzzwords. Read More.

Exploring the mythology of NGO creation

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When the young English woman Eglantyne Jebb decided to hand out leaflets in London’s Trafalgar Square in 1919 protesting the continuing post-war blockade of Greece and the resulting serious food shortages, she was quickly arrested. At trial, she was found guilty – but the prosecuting council was so impressed with her that he offered to pay her fine of five pounds. That money became the first ever donation to Save the Children. Read More

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