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Dr. Maliha Khan, Director of Program Impact at CARE USA visits the TNGO Initiative

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The Transnational NGO Initiative is proud to present:

Dr. Maliha Khan

Director for Program Impact, CARE USA

A system for measuring impact across CARE USA: Risks and Rewards

There is a growing need for Transnational NGOs to demonstrate their accountability, legitimacy and effectiveness in achieving their mission goals; but how does a TNGO set up systems for evaluating its programs as well as overall organizational impact?


As Director of Program Impact at CARE USA, a large humanitarian NGO, Dr. Maliha Khan tackles these issues every day. Dr. Khan is currently overseeing a process to measure CARE’s impact, improve knowledge management, and ensure that the organization is accountable to standards and codes of conduct. On November 2nd she will visit Maxwell to share her experiences in this process and address the questions of:

·         What are the challenges in putting such a system place and where is CARE in the process? 

·         What have we learned in the last 3 years of doing this? 

·         What changes need to happen in how we do development if an organizational assessment process like this is to be realized?

·         What are the rewards if we can pull this off?

·         What are the risks if we fail?


Dr. Maliha Khan is a development practitioner in the fields of project and program design, monitoring and evaluation, impact measurement and gender with 20 years of international experience. Prior to joining CARE she was an Associate Professor and the Chair of the Sustainable Development degree at World learning’s SIT Graduate Institute. Over the years Dr. Khan also has worked as a consultant for a range of clients in the fields of natural resource management and gender, including the Ford Foundation, Heifer International, the World Bank, UNEP, the government of Pakistan as well as many bi-lateral agencies. 


Dr. Khan has a Masters in Social Anthropology from Quaid-i-Azam University of Pakistan and a doctorate from the State University of New York, where she specialized in Development Anthropology.



When: November 2nd, 12-1:30PM

Where: IR conference room (between the IR and MPA offices)


We hope to see you there!


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