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E-PARCC Competition for Teaching Cases Development in Transition and Conflict Societies: Effective Use of Collaborative Methods in International Development

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Parcc LogoAre you an international development academic, researcher, or practitioner, with a range of experiences in development management in transition and conflict countries? If so, the Program for the Advancement of Research on Conflict and Collaboration at the Maxwell School is hosting a new E-PARCC competition for teaching cases: the Gelndal E. and Alice D. Wright Prize Fund for Conflict and Collaboration Case Studies in International Development. The best teaching case will win a $5,000 prize, and runner up will win a $1000 honorable mention. The competition is open to academics, researchers, and practitioners that are or have been actively involved in development projects through international multilateral and bilateral donor organizations, national and local governments in transition and conflict countries, and international and national civil society organizations. All cases must be original and not yet published elsewhere. Winning cases are published online and downloadable free of charge on the E-PARCC website, with full credit given to authors. Click here for more information.

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