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(Event, Nov. 20): Kateryna Pishchikova, Cornell Institute for European Studies

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Please note that the following event is not being organized by the Transnational NGO Initiative nor is it about TNGO related issues.  However, the speaker is an authority on women’s NGOs in Central Asia and Eastern Europe and we are announcing this event on behalf of the Moynihan European Research Centers (MERC). The TNGO Initiative will have an informal meeting with Kateryna at 2:30pm on November 20th in Eggers 341 to discuss her knowledge about women’s NGO issues in that region. Any interested students are welcome to attend.

Event Time and Location:

November 20, 2013 12:30 PM
341 Eggers Hall

Information about the talk:

"Ukraine Between East and West: The EU, Russia, and Ukraine’s Strategic Choice"

The European Union (EU) policy toward Eurasia is at a watershed moment. On November 28-29, leaders of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine will meet in Vilnius, Lithuania, for a summit that is due to include the signing of a number of crucial new agreements. Yet, the success of the summit is far from assured. Russia has threatened trade sanctions, energy supply interruptions, and security reprisals against states choosing to sign new agreements with the EU. Ukraine is largely seen as a key country in this geostrategic game. The talk will address the issues at stake for Ukraine in its rapprochement with the EU and relations with Russia.

Information about the speaker:

Dr. Kateryna Pishchikova is a visiting scholar at the Cornell Institute for European Studies. She is the author of Promoting Democracy in Postcommunist Ukraine: The Contradictory Outcomes of US Aid to Women's NGOs (Lynne Rienner, 2011).

Please click here in order to access the event's poster.

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