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TNGO Updates

Recent happenings from the TNGO Initiative

TNGO Student Group Panel Discussion on China: December 3rd

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Join the TNGO Student Group for a program focused on the role of civil society and TNGOs in China:


Student/Faculty Panel Discussion on the Perspectives of TNGOs and Civil Society in China

Date: Thursday, December 3rd


Time: 12:30-2:00p.m.

Venue: Eggers Room 341, Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs



Moderated by Tosca Bruno-VanVijfeijken, Co-Director of the TNGO Initiative at Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs

Professor Zhen Qian is a visiting fellow at Syracuse University Maxwell School.  His previous experience includes working for the International Strategy Institute at the Central Party School.  Professor Qian is conducting ongoing research on China's rural elections, democratization in China, and Western political theory.

Sisi Zheng
, a grassroots community organizer from China, is studying nonprofit management and community development as a Ford Foundation Fellow in the EMPA program.  Her background is in the NGO sector, having most recently created the Shimenkan Connnection, which focuses on Christian community development and the preservation of ethnic culture in isolated minority villages.

Jiwei Zhang is a Ford Foundation Fellow studying in the EMPA program at Syracuse University Maxwell School.  His work experience includes 6 years at Kunming Municipal Bureau of Finance in the capitol city of Yunnan Province in China.

Song Shiming is a former Professor of Public Administration from the National School of Administration of China and a current member of the People's Republic of China's State Writing Committee of Civil Servant Law.  He received his PhD in Public Administration in 1997.  Shiming is a visiting scholar at SU studying government reform in the U.S. and conducting researching for his book, Comparative Studies of Administrative Reforms between China and the U.S. 

Co-sponsored by the TNGO Initiative Student Group and the East Asia Program of Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs.
For more information, email

APPAM presentation

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Presentation: Interorganizational Relationships of Transnational NGOs (Khaldoun Abou Assi, Ines Mergel, Hans Peter Schmitz, Lorena Viñuela) 

Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management (APPAM) Fall 2009 conference in Washington, DC, November 5-7, 2009.


ARNOVA presentation

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Presentation:   Interorganizational Relationships of Transnational NGOs (Khaldoun Abou Assi, Ines Mergel, Hans Peter Schmitz, Lorena Viñuela)


COLLOQUY: International NGO Networks in Times of Crisis

Annual Meeting of the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA) Cleveland, OH • November 19–21, 2009

Chair: Derick Brinkerhoff, RTI International;    Presenters: L. David Brown, Harvard University; Hans Peter Schmitz, Syracuse University; Thomas Fox, Chairman of the Board, ELMA Philanthropies Services

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