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TNGO Updates

Recent happenings from the TNGO Initiative

ARNOVA conference, Alexandria, VA, November 17-20

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The TNGO Initiative appeared in full force at the annual meetings of the Association for Research on Non-Profit Organizations and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA) in Alexandria, VA. Presentations by TNGO members included:  


George E. Mitchell: "The Construct of Organizational Effectiveness: A Leadership Perspective."


Paloma Raggo/Ines Mergel/Rachel Sigman:  "Accountability 2.0: The Use of Social Media Tools in U.S.-based Transnational NGOs"


Hans Peter Schmitz/George E. Mitchell/Paloma Raggo: "Challenges Facing Leaders of Transnational NGOs: Introducing New Data from a Cross-Sectoral


Christiane Pagé: "From Change Agents to Method Actors: The Effect of Transnational NGO Leadership Style on NGO-to-Government Relationships" 

David Gregory Berlan/Tosca Bruno-van Vijfeijken: "Reigning Beyond the Grave: The Case of a Time-Bound NGO"


On Saturday, November 20, we also organized the first meeting of a planned research consortium designed to bring together scholars interested in international/transnational NGOs across academic disciplines. About 20 participants discussed their research interests and how such a working group could be organized. As a first step, we agreed to set up a list-serv and organize follow-up meetings at the International Studies Association meetings in Montreal in March 2011 and ARNOVA 2011 in Toronto. Schools represented at the meeting included SUNY-Albany, University of Delaware, University of Memphis, Baruch College, George Washington University, University of Pittsburgh, University of Notre Dame, University of Washington, Georgia State University, and Harvard University, among others.  


NGOs and Aid Spawns a Backlash in Haiti

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As the anniversary of Haiti's devastating earthquake approaches, serious questions have arisen on the lack of TNGO coordination with local authorities. By Jose de Cordoba Wall St. Journal.

TNGO Interview with Ramesh Singh, former CEO of ActionAid now available

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On Wednesday, November 10, Ramesh Singh visited the TNGO Initiative and discussed current trends in transnational NGOs as well as his outlook on the future roles of TNGOs within global civil society. He also gave a brief interivew for students interested in working in this sector. The interview with Tosca Bruno is now availalble in the interview section of our website.

Ramesh Singh, former CEO of ActionAid visits the TNGO Initiative

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The Transnational NGO Initiative is proud to present:  


Ramesh Singh 

Former CEO, ActionAid International and former Moynihan TNGO Fellow 




Trends, Trajectories and the Future of Transnational NGOs: Questions and propositions 


After recent crises and geopolitical shifts, how has the world changed for changed for Transnational NGOs? How are they globalizing, merging, expanding and changing? What kind of TNGOs will we need in the next cycle of development, and what kind will we end up with?  


Ramesh Singh is currently a Visiting Fellow at the Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations at Harvard University. He was most recently CEO of Action Aid International, whom he worked for in various technical, management and leadership positions for over 25 years. Originally from Nepal, Mr. Singh and has lived and worked in the Gambia, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Thailand, England and South Africa for most of the past 30 years. Mr. Singh is trained as an agronomist/seed technologist in Nepal and the UK. His expertise and research includes food and agriculture; TNGO governance, strategy and management; accountability systems; human rights based approaches and programming and south-south networking and influencing.  


When: Wednesday Nov. 10th 12pm 


Where: Eggers 341 




Dr. Maliha Khan of CARE visits the TNGO Initiative

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Dr. Maliha Khan,

Director of Program Impact for CARE USA


Dr. Khan had a great visit to the TNGO Initiative today where she spoke about the challenges, risks and rewards of creating a system for measuring the impact of programs and its organizational structure. A brief power point presentation outlining her work can be found here.


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