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TNGO Updates

Recent happenings from the TNGO Initiative

Activists are divided by aim and by geography, with goals of justice for Michael Brown or an end to lethal police force against minorities.

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This New York Times article illustrates the difficulties in civic mobilization, including how to unite around common 'asks' and mobilization methods while preserving internal diversity of views and strengths.

Protesters United Against Ferguson Decision, but Challenged in Unity

'The United Nations needs a shorter, stronger game plan for humanity.' -The Washington Post

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The UN gears up to debate the global priorities that will be focused on for the next 15 years. Click the link to read why its better to limit this number of priorities.

'The Ice-Bucket Racket'

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This NY times article explores the peculiarities of successful fund raising trends such as the ALS Ice Bucket challenge and why other similar imitations have not produced the same results.

The Ice Bucket Racket

The 2015 TNGO Fellows are set to come Feb 1st-13th with the opportunity for student collaboration.

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Josephine Oguta and Richard Marshall, both of World Vision International will tackle the question "What does the CEO of the future look like." Student input is needed and there are opportunities to help with research. See the full announcement for details or contact Tosca Bruno-van Vijfeijken or Carlo Abuyuan for more information.

Interested in how NGOs affect accountability and human rights standard setting? Check out Janet Lord's attached paper.

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Lord's paper below explains the 'boomerang scrutiny' that NGOs face and explains how this is actually a measure of the success of NGOs is affecting decision making processes.

 Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Voice Accountability and NGOs in Human Rights Standard Setting

Powerpoint presentation for Janet Lord's talk on Human Rights Law and the drafting of the CRPD

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Find Janet Lord's Presentation here.

Video Available for Dave Karpf's Analytic Activism talk

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For those of you that missed or enjoyed Dave Karpf's talk on Analytic Activism this past October 23rd, please find the link to both the formal talk and interview below.

Analytic Activism

Interview with Dave Karpf

'Is the Mexican Summer rooted in the Spring Protests?' Protesters demanding explanation for abducted missing students in Mexico organize through social media

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“Twitter was our velocity, Facebook our formal organization and YouTube our ideological reinforcement."

Student activists and Mexican civil society lobby the federal government for information and action surrounding the disappearance of 43 students in Iguala, in the the state of Guerrero. The #yosoy132 slogan has been conceived as a denunciation of the current lack of government responsiveness. The TNGO Initiative is currently researching similar virtual social movements and digital NGO platforms.  Click here for full article by Rafael Fernandez de Castro

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