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TNGO Updates

Recent happenings from the TNGO Initiative

TNGO Initiative Director Tosca Maria Bruno-VanVijfeijken will be speaking at a panel titled, Is Bigger Better or Smaller More Beautiful? The tradeoffs around growth and size of INGOs

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Is Bigger Better or Smaller More Beautiful? The tradeoffs around growth and size of INGOs

Thu, November 17, 3:45 to 5:15pm, Hyatt Regency Capitol Hill, Bryce
Session Submission Type: Colloquium


The conference theme indicates “the size, reach, and scope of the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors have never been greater” and continues to expand. The growth of some INGOs remains unabated, concentrating resources within a few big organizations. What should we think of this ‘Walmartization’ of INGOs? Under what conditions is growth – such a strong institutional imperative for organizations –a good thing? Conversely, when do we romanticize smallness without much validity? This colloquy, using an innovative World Café Format, will ponder the tradeoff of INGO growth through four overarching concepts: external impact; internal management; accountability and partnerships; and innovation and risk.


Cristina Balboa, Baruch College - CUNY,

Tosca Maria Bruno-VanVijfeijken, Syracuse University


Susan Appe, Binghamton University

Cristina Balboa, Baruch College - CUNY

Tosca Maria Bruno-VanVijfeijken, Syracuse University

Li Yang, Beijing Normal University

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Deborah Doane recently wrote on Eroding Rights of Civil Society in The Guardian

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guardianDeborah Doane, in response to a recent Guardian article wondering why civil society has seemingly given a pass to government on development policy, proposes that the erosion of NGO's right to criticize governments is to blame. Recent changes to how government funding can be spent in the UK essentially prevents a portion of civil society from raising opposition to certain policies. Read on for more here

Transnational Education: The role of NGOs in teaching abroad

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