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Recent happenings from the TNGO Initiative

Alina Tugend, Crowdfunding’s Effect on Venerable Nonprofits Raises Concern

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The ads ran for years. The global charity Save the Children asked for a monthly donation, and in return, a few times a year the donors received a photo and handwritten note or drawing from children in impoverished places like Haiti.

The idea, of course, was that donors would have some sort of connection to the contribution. Most people knew that, in reality, the few dollars were not given directly to those children but to projects that would supposedly benefit them. .......

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Matthew Sherrington, The Changing Big Wide World for NGOs

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Matthew Sherrington reflects on how changes in the development sector are shifting thinking about funding and communications.

What international development looks like has changed. The old ‘north/south’ paradigm no longer fits. NGOs and the private sector now compete to deliver contracted services. Mobile technology is one of the biggest catalysts for change today. It’s as important to change the system that drives poverty, as the circumstances of people who experience it. Does this change how we should engage the public? ...........

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