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Recent happenings from the TNGO Initiative

Questions asked about LSE's Center for Civil Society, Ghadafi's son who obtained a PhD there and a major financial gift by the Ghadafi foundation

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Jonathan Owen of the The Independent (UK) reports on the controversy over links between the Libyan regime and the London School of Economics and it's Centre for the Study of Global Governance.

Robert Putnam on his discussion with Gadhafi in 2007 about civil society in Libya

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Since 1969 Gadhafi has always seen civil society, political parties and other groups as potential centers of opposition or protest. So he systematically destroyed them. In a recent the Wall St. Journal article, journalist Robert D. Putnam describes the implications of this during his 2007 encounter with Libya's "philosopher king".

March 8th, Ignacio Saiz, Director of Center for Economic and Social Rights and 2011 Moynihan TNGO Fellow

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The Transnational NGO Initiative is proud to announce: 


Ignacio Saiz 


Executive Director, Center for Economic and Social Rights (CESR) and 2011 Moynihan TNGO Fellow 



“Bridging human rights and development: the growing movement for economic and social rights” 


This talk will cover the work of transnational organizations on economic and social rights, mapping the field, and teasing out convergences and divergences between human rights and development practice.


Ignacio Saiz was appointed executive director of CESR in 2009, having served as the Center's research director since 2006. Prior to this, he was director of policy at the international secretariat of Amnesty International, where his responsibilities included overseeing the development of Amnesty's research, campaigning and advocacy on economic, social and cultural rights. Previous roles at Amnesty International have included deputy director of the Americas Program, policy coordinator and Central America researcher. He has also worked as a freelance human rights consultant for several other organizations in areas relating to sexuality and human rights, the prevention of torture and post-conflict accountability. Ignacio holds an LLM in international human rights law with distinction from the University of Essex and a BA degree in French, Spanish and Latin American literature from the University of Cambridge.


We are honored to welcome Ignacio Saiz as the Spring 2011 Moynihan TNGO Fellow. Mr. Saiz will be resident at the Moynihan Transnational NGO Initiative March 1-11 to undertake research and reflect on his organization’s challenges and opportunities.

When: Tuesday March 8, 12-1:30pm

Where: Eggers 100

Lunch will be served 

Derick Brinkerhoff of RTI visit to the TNGO Initiative

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Last week Derick Brinkerhoff, Distinguished Fellow in International Public Management at RTI visited the TNGO Initiative to discuss the role of TNGOs in Indonesian Civil Society Development. It was a great talk and if you missed it you can find the slides here .

Derick Brinkerhoff of RTI visits the TNGO Initiative for Lunch and a Career Discussion

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The TNGO Student Group is proud to present:  


Derick Brinkerhoff, Research Triangle International 


Derick Brinkerhoff, EdD, is a Distinguished Fellow at RTI in international public management and has more than 25 years of experience with public management issues in developing and transitioning countries, focusing on policy analysis, program implementation and evaluation, participation, institutional development, democratic governance, and management change. He has received multiple awards and honors for his published research in social science and policy studies and for his contributions to the theory and practice of international development and comparative public administration. Dr. Brinkerhoff is North American editor of the UK‐based journal, Public Administration and Development. He also holds an associate faculty appointment at George Washington University’s Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration. 


Please join us for lunch as Mr. Brinkerhoff discusses:  


Civil society capacity development: lessons from the Democratic Reform Support Program 

in Indonesia 


This talk examines civil society strengthening experience from Indonesia to illuminate issues, challenges, and lessons for NGO capacity building and international donor supported democratic reform. Indonesia’s democracy promotion NGOs have largely operated as instruments of donor‐supported reforms. As they seek to become socially embedded actors pursuing indigenous agendas, they face the need to confront the various expectations of their stakeholders regarding their roles and legitimacy, develop flexibility to respond to new engagements with government and with citizens, and address their internal capacity gaps. The USAID‐supported Democratic Reform Support Program’s efforts to work with Indonesian NGOs illustrate both the problems and the progress with government‐NGO collaborations in democratic governance. 

Lunch will be provided 


When: February 8, 2011 12:00‐ 1:30 pm 

Where: 100 Eggers Hall 


Then at 3pm…


Co-sponsored by the Transnational NGO Initiative at the Moynihan Institute, Maxwell’s Center for Career Services and the Student Group on Transnational NGOs:


A Career Discussion with Derick Brinkerhoff. 


Mr. Brinkerhoff’s career reflects an interesting mix of scholarly and applied work, which may appeal to many students. He also co‐authored the book Working for Change: Making a Career in International Public Service (Kumarian, 2005) with his wife, Jennifer Brinkerhoff, and thus can also share his knowledge resulting from research for this book. 


Come armed with your career focused questions!  


Refreshments will be served 


When: Tuesday, Feb. 8th  3-4pm 

Where: 341 Eggers Hall 

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