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TNGO Updates

Recent happenings from the TNGO Initiative

'Partnering with big business: 4 key lessons'

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Oxfam and Unilever started Project Sunrise in 2010 to assess how effective corporate-NGO partnerships have been in improving livelihoods. A blog summary of 4 specific lessons gleaned from the support so far is available here:


New 4-Week Citizen Engagement Course to be Offered Online

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The World Bank Group, the London School of Economics, the Overseas Development Institute and Participedia have come together to offer a four week online course. The course begins by synthesizing the theories and concepts that underlie citizen engagement, and goes on to explore how citizens can engage in both policymaking and public service delivery. Finally, it investigates how recent innovations are shaking up the field, through detailing both successes and failures of these new approaches. The course begins March 15th but registration is already open.

For more information on the syllabus and instructors: Citizen Engagement

Powerpoint presentation from Josephine Oguta's talk on the role of board governance.

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If you missed our talk from visiting TNGO Fellow Josephine Oguta (of World Vision International) last week, or simply want to view her presentation, the Powerpoint presentation can be found below:

Oguta Presentation

Powerpoint Slides from Richard Marshall's talk on CEO derailment and psychology

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In case you missed our visiting fellow from World Vision International give his talk last week his presentation can be accessed below

Marshall presentation

Act fast for early, discounted registration for InterAction's Forum 2015 taking place this June.

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Early registration ends this February 13th! This is a great networking and learning opportunity for those interested in not-for-profits, philanthropy and civil society collaboration.

Register and learn more here.

Billions Go To Victims Of Disaster And Disease. Does It Really Help?

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NPR 'follows the money' to see if recipients of humanitarian aid really benefit  from programs or are essentially utilized for marketing purposes.

Read here: Does it Really Help?  

Short Term Consultancy Opportunity with FHI.

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This paid short term consultancy opportunity runs through March 31st (deadline to apply is February 6th) and consists of conducting institutional interviews by phone.

Please inquire directly with FHI if interested.

Position Information

Organization website 

'52 reasons not to date an aid worker'

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Humorous compilation published by the Guardian looking at some of the odd habits and outlooks of aid workers.

52 reasons not to date an aid worker

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