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TNGO Initiative facilitates learning on organizational change among TNGOs

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Tosca Bruno-van Vijfeijken recently facilitated a learning day on organizational change among seven large TNGOs with a basis in the UK. The purpose was to compare cross-organizational lessons on how to lead and manage change; what are the drivers for such change; how to design large scale organizational change processes; implementation challenges encountered and lessons learned. The TNGOs involved are: Oxfam International, Save the Children, CARE International, Islamic Relief, a consortium of Irish NGOs including Trocaire and CAFOD, ActionAid International and Amnestry International.

The INGOs involved in this learning day are currently considering how to follow up with a more large scale learning process, which may result in the decision to build a repository of in-house documents on organizational change, facilitating bilateral problem solving around specific change related issues, and the organization of regular cross-organizational learning events. The TNGO Initiative stands ready to stay engaged in this process as needed and fulfill a facilitating role. The documentation resulting from this process will allow Maxwell to engage in applied research on this important topic, will contribute to the development of teaching materials, and further round out the TNGO Initiative's practitioner engagement work.

The work will also complement the efforts by Steve Lux, Executive Education Director and Tosca to write a teaching case on the organizational transformation process that Save the Children is currently undergoing -- on the request of the NGO concerned.

For more information, see here.

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