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Presentation: James Crowley, ''Building a Better NGO''

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Here you can find the presentation from James Crowley's public talk entitled, "Building a Better NGO: Contributing to Breakthroughs in the Fight against Poverty and Injustice." 

James Crowley, Presentation

Information about Talk:

James will summarize what international NGOs need to do to be able to assist in the delivery of breakthroughs in the fight against poverty and injustice. He will touch on questions covered in his recent book, such as: what do international NGOs need to do to get in better shape; what are and should be the core competencies of international NGOs; what about their structure; what about ICT for development; how to craft strategy; and what does accountability really mean.

About James Crowley:

James is a business advisor with more than 25 years’ experience with a variety of large private-sector companies and, more recently, with a range of agencies in the international development sector.   James joined Accenture’s strategic consulting practice in 1989, became a partner in 1997 and worked across a range of strategy and organisation change issues for energy, consumer products, high tech and public sector companies, including major international clients such as SmithKline Beecham, Hewlett Packard, Shell and British Gas, as well as a range of energy companies. Up to 2005, James led Accenture’s strategy practice in the United Kingdom and Ireland and was the practice lead for the European Mergers, Acquisitions and Alliances practice for many years.   He formally left Accenture’s commercial consulting practice in 2005 to focus on strategic and organisational performance issues in the international development sector. However, he has continued to work extensively with Accenture’s not–for-profit practice; Accenture Development Partnerships. Over that time, he has led a range of assignments on international strategic issues for clients such as Plan International, African Medical Research and Education Foundation (AMREF), World Vision, Amnesty International, Catholic Relief Services and Voluntary Service Overseas.     In parallel with his ongoing advisory work, James invests a portion of his time on new independent research pieces which aim to stimulate new management ideas around the effectiveness of large international NGOs, as well as new collaborative approaches between development and private sector organisations. The first of these was released in 2009 in collaboration with World Vision and Accenture Development Partnerships, “The Rubik’s cube of cross-sector collaboration” [].  In 2013, James published a series of new research papers in a book titled “Building a Better International NGO - Greater than the Sum of the parts?”, which has been widely reviewed and appreciated by leaders in the sector across the world, and is now available on Amazon.com James holds a first-class honours degree in Engineering from University College Cork, a Master’s degree in offshore engineering from University College London and a Master of Business Administration from London Business School.

Article: Srdja Popvoic, Executive Director of CANVAS, ''The Secret of Political Jiu-Jitsu''

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Srdja Popvoic, the Executive Director of The Centre for Applied Nonviolent Action and Strategies (CANVAS), recently published an article in Foreign Policy Magazine entitled, "The Secret of Political Jiu-Jitsu: How to 'make oppression backfire' by peacefully leveraging the brutality of the oppressors."  The article can be found here:  


CANVAS was a TNGO hosted visitor in 2012, and the Maxwell Public Administration students did a capstone project with them.  


About the article:


CANVAS has traced and documented how grassroots activists from Ukraine, Venezuela, Egypt and many other countries have dealt with oppression in the course of their human rights struggles.  Whether it is police brutality, illegal detentions or even the open fire on brave civilians, oppression can take many forms. But there are ways to deal with it accordingly - but that comes only with proper strategy and knowledge of tactics. 


Please Spread and Share:


CANVAS has created a three-fold strategy about how to deal with oppression, which is discussed in depth in the article.  With proper planning is it possible for nonviolent movements to not only deal with oppression, it but make it work in their favor. They have a booklet that is not available for here:  CANVAS would appreciate you sharing this with your network so that as many activists as possible may learn how to make oppression backfire in their own struggles.


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