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TNGO Updates

Recent happenings from the TNGO Initiative

The Innovator’s New Crystal Ball: Crowdfunding

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The TNGO Initiative is researching the potential as well as limitations of digitally enabled civil society platforms and organizations as compared to those of traditional, ‘brick and mortar’ NGOs. This article is an example of how digitally enabled crowdfunding is able to produce tangible social goods and enables customer and citizen involvement at the same time:  Crowdfunding

Falk College Research Brown Bag Forum with International HIV/AIDS and TB Institute

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Falk College presents: "How Ukrainian Social and Public Health Interventions are Adapting to War-related Environment: Challenges and Opportunities" given by SU alumni Yuliya Chorna and Iuliia Pylypas of the International HIV/AIDS and TB Institute. The talk is from 12:30-2:00 Tuesday March 31st in 101 White Hall. Lunch is provided so it is necessary to RSVP to


TNGO Initiative Presents: Sophie Delaunay

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Sophie Delaunay is the Executive Director of MSF USA, also known as Doctors without Borders, and will deliver a talk titled 'Keeping Core Values, Adapting to New Realities: The Case of Medecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors without Borders.' this Thursday, March 26th, at 12:30pm in Eggers 341. MSF is one of the largest actors in humanitarian relief operations. Delaunay's talk will speak to the organization's core identity and goals and how it strives to maintain a field driven mantra while adapting to the professionalization and internationalization of MSF. She will also deliver a career talk at 2:30pm in Eggers 209.

Thought Piece produced by TNGO Fellow Richard Marshall

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Richard Marshall, Senior Director of People and Culture at World Vision International, spent two weeks with us at the TNGO Initiative back in February to try and ask the question: What are the most important characteristics for the CEO of the future? Now that he has returned to his post here are the 5 Characteristics that he thinks a good CEO cannot be without. 

Grant-Maker Pay Outpaces Inflation for first time since Recession.

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Salaries for CEOs and program officers of grant making foundations have grown in the last year and turnover has decreased, according to the Council on Foundations. This high rate of retention may be coming to an end however. The report found that 40% of foundation employees are over 50, and 7% are already over the retirement age.

For more information on demographic salary differences and specific pay ranges read the article on The Chronicle of Philanthropy

New Corporate-NGO Partnership Allows Individuals to Direct Charitable Giving

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Viewers to Volunteers, by Ecomedia, allows individuals to direct how corporations contribute to NGOs by viewing sponsored media highlighting a cause or organization, amassing points and then spending them on their favorites.

"What we want to do is open up giving to virtually everyone, because brands are underwriting the giving opportunity," -Paul Polizzotto, President of EcoMedia. 


Continued relevancy of UK NGOs; a practitioner panel weighs in.

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The next ten years will present new challenges for NGOs based in the global North, whose relevancy is already being challenged by some civil society actors. This article from the Guardian takes a look at what current practitioners think will allow their organizations to evolve with these changes.

14 Changes

What would persuade the aid business to ‘think and work politically’?

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Form Oxfam's 'Poverty to Power' blog, this post looks specifically at the the goals of TWP (thinking and working politically) while asking poignant questions like "how do strategies along this line of thinking define political?" Are they advocating for political analysis in determining the delivery of aid, or are they talking about empowerment and transformation? Check out the full post here


Young Professional's Summit to be held at InterAction Forum 2015

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The Forum 2015 will feature a special opportunity for young professionals and students interested in working with NGOs to network with leaders from some of the largest organizations in the field. The forum runs from June 22-24 2015 with the summit on June 23. The Summit includes a networking lunch, workshop sessions and a ticket to the Forum's Gala event. This is a great opportunity to network with senior level members as well as other young professionals working in NGOs.

To register online or find out more: InterAction Young Professionals Summit

Organizing Through Social Media: Mobilizing, Slacktivizing, or Fetishizing?

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Social media has received attention for its role mobilizing movements in recent events such as the killing of Michael Brown and civil unrest in Egypt. Some traditional activists think that this form of "hastag activism" is simply a low risk way of expressing complaints against a system that doesn't care. The tension presented in this article from Non-profit Quarterly relates specifically to the TNGO Initiative's ongoing research on digital NGOs. 

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