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TNGO Updates

Recent happenings from the TNGO Initiative

The Rise of NGOs in China

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This week’s issue of The Economist has two interesting articles on the rise of NGOs in China. These articles provide a helpful background on the differing political contexts and how they affect the development of the nonprofit sector.

"Enter the Chinese NGO

"Beneath the Glacier"

Duncan Green: 'Understanding the nature of power: the force field that shapes development'

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Duncan Green wrote this post for ODI's Development Progress blog. It went up last week, closing a series of posts on the theme of Political Voice.

Women’s empowerment is one of the greatest areas of progress in the last century, so what better theme for a post on ‘voice’ than gender rights?

Globally, the gradual empowerment of women [...]

Read the full post by clicking here.

Peter Bell: Global Activist Battled Policies That Disenfranchised the Powerless

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Peter Bell, former President of CARE USA, visited the Transnational NGO Initiative in 2008.  He was a well known civil society leader.

"When Peter Bell died of cancer at age 73 this month, the nonprofit world lost one of its most passionate, visionary and humble leaders. Peter was uniquely both a statesman and an activist. He devoted his life to reducing poverty, defending human rights, and advancing political freedom in jobs that included heading the nonprofit aid group CARE......"  Please click here to read the rest of the article.

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